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Paige Psychological Consulting, LLC was founded in the fall of 2019 by Dr. Jazlynn Paige. She created PPC due to the high demands of her career as a Licensed School Psychologist.


Jazlynn was face-to-face with families that lacked comprehensive educational consultation, especially for black and brown families. She decided that it was necessary to fulfill those gaps by providing services to any family that needed them. 

Dr. Jazlynn Paige is a School Psychologist and Special Education Consultant. Jazlynn started her career in 2014 at several charter schools while completing her doctoral internship. After successfully fulfilling her internship she continued working in the charter school world. 

Over the course of a few years Jazlynn was able to gain a plethora of experiences that enhanced her knowledge and skills as a School Psychologist. She excelled in many positions including: School Psychologist, Homeless Liaison, Social Emotional Learning Coordinator, 504 Coordinator, Paraprofessional Supervisor and Special Education Coordinator.

Image by Georgie Cobbs

Jazlynn is constantly fueled by her passion as an educator to nurture children holistically; academically, socially and emotionally. She is eternally infatuated to understanding the intricacies that surround the development of children and their relationships with others.


Jazlynn loves building relationships with children and their families; she believes it is a prerequisite to the success of children during their academic journey. She considers herself a “forever student” as she continues to remain eager to stay afloat on the latest research and techniques encompassing her areas of passion.  

Her areas of expertise include special education due process, mentorship, social and emotional learning, data-based decision making, relationship building, homelessness, systems change, trauma-informed care and mental health, and professional development training.

Jazlynn has a Doctorate degree in School Psychology and her research focuses on children and families experiencing homelessness. 

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